Extract Definition & Information

Extract is a term that refers to a compound that has been drawn out from the cannabis plant. Extract is often used interchangeably with the words concentrate and oil, but the latter isn’t an accurate description for the product, because extracts come in many concentrated forms, including oil, powder, rosin, shatter, and wax. (The slang terms for extract include hash, hashish, and keif.) Each of these compounds can be used on their own or added to a variety of products so they can be consumed or used topically:

  • Oil extract is often used in cannabidiol (CBD) products (including edibles and toiletries), CBD capsules, and tinctures
  • Powder extract is usually used in beverages and baked goods
  • Rosin extract is typically used for smoking or vaping
  • Shatter is primarily used for dabbing or vaping
  • Wax extract is usually used for smoking