Find a Pot Shop Near Me

It used to be a huge challenge to find a local pot shop. For one thing, there were very few — if any — in a given area, and the stores that did exist often didn’t have websites and didn’t show up on GPS apps like Google Maps. 

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Thankfully, it’s become much easier to find a pot shop than in days past! While it’s still not legal in every part of the United States, more American cities than ever have made it lawful to enjoy cannabis, meaning there are more places to buy it legally. And as additional areas begin to embrace the many benefits of marijuana, new pot stores are opening all the time!

Slothi makes it simple to find a pot shop near you, whether you have a medical marijuana prescription or use it recreationaly. Simply enter your zip code, and we’ll show you the local pot shops in your area that are within driving distance or that will deliver straight to your door.